"Captain Rogers reporting for duty."

((Indie Captain America/Steve Rogers.))

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Aj tackles hugs Steve. "Hi daddy!".

Steve chuckled as Aj tackled him. “Hey, baby cakes,”he says. “How are you?”


Animals that are really awesome.


Steve → Captain America


After Breakfast - Steve [Closed]




Toni was used to being quiet about how she felt. Expecially with people she worked with. ‘Favoritism’ was a thing apparently. She kept most of her feelings close to her chest, in case someone… got upset.

"Off the hook… Ok then." She smiled as he moved from suit to suit, and weapon to weapon. "I looked into the old uniform, the one that Dad made for you, and figured I could update it. It looks better then the spangly thing they gave you from S.H.I.E.L.D." She spoke easily, jumping off of her desk to walk up next to him. She waved her hand and the stand popped out of the wall and started to turn slowly. "Same general design, but a few new addons. Bigger star, added our Logo to your shoulders, better Kevlar, or really a Kevlar mix. It’s fully breathable, and will move with you." She pointed too two clips on the back of the suit. "These will hold your shield. I don’t have any vibranium, so I’m not sure how well, but I tested it, and they won’t break unless someone rips it straight down off of your back." She continued. "Boots have steel toes, and will fit you to a tee. Something I designed that it’ll make it easier for everyones stuff to fit." She added, obviously proud of her work. She worked hard for a reason.

Steve paused when the hologram popped up, showing the view of his new suit. “Kevlar? Huh,” he says crossing his arms and nodding his head.

"One question, Toni, are we ever gonna go into space? You know, since there have been aliens from another… eh… dimension. And there have been rumors about more of these aliens on the television, probably another invasion."

Steve asked that because if there were to be another invasion, he wouldn’t want Toni to risk her life again when the Avengers were fighting Loki. “I just… don’t want you to get hurt.”











((Flower crowns and pretty people. This world is beginning to shine. Take that…

((Thank you. *closes eyes*))

"Hurry! I think she passed out!"

//nuuuu! *gets potion to revive* 

"Oh my god."

((I’m okay… just resting my eyes. Thanks a lot you dorito!))

""Dorito?" Like the chip? That’s what Tony calls me now."

"Yep. Like the chip."

*groans* “Great, now I’m a chip.”

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